June 12, 2019

#1087. The world ‘s first private drone for crime prevention!

     The world’s first private drone crime prevention drone began flight, “SECOM DRONE” full of high functionality on small aircraft!

“SECOM DRONE” is a private security drone developed by SECOM, one of Japan’s leading security companies, for the first time in the world. It is an autonomous small flight monitoring robot full of high performance functions on a small aircraft. they already have a track record of monitoring a certain prison, and it helps to reduce the labor burden of security officials. “SECOM DRONE” has the function to automatically track and visualize intruders that the laser sensor perceived. It is possible to track license plates as well as people tracking vehicles that penetrated without permission. Moreover, it is excellent that you can carry out the task in rain and snow, which is impossible with ordinary drone, without difficulty.