June 07, 2019

#1086. Popular colorful split-toes shoes Japan’s traditional Jika Tabi! for foreigners!

     Japanese traditional split-toes shoes hit worldwide! Jika Tabi Specialty Store “SOU · SOU“!

“SOU · SOU” is a Japanese traditional shop specializing in split-toes called Jika Tabi. Jika Tabi produced by a skilled craftsman using a traditional manufacturing method is popular not only for the unique shape but also for foreigners because it is easy to wear and not tiring. This store sticks to traditional manufacturing methods, especially coloring and design, and is supported by many fans all over the world. Jika Tabi was originally a split-toes shoes worn by Japanese craftsmen seeking workability. Today, healthy benefits such as improving posture, prevention of hallux valgus, etc. by wearing jika-tabi are re-recognized and the number of loyal users is increasing. Those who saw this store Jika Tabi can not suppress the urge that anyone would want to wear.