June 04, 2019

#1083. An avatar robot that moves smoothly like a human being!

     The robot technology has eventually come this far. The world’s first practical avatar robot,”MELTANT-α”!  The world’s first avatar robot,”MELTANT-α” has the functionality of human hands.

“MELTANT-α” is the world’s first practical avatar robot whose human-like hands can move powerfully and delicately. These robot hands are capable of moving themselves freely and completing complex tasks just like human ones which seem to be very difficult for robots before. Combined with high speed IoT technology, avatar robot will be able to provides us with full-scale remote operations in real-space following our brain images. Practical remote operations in unreachable places for human beings places like in the universe could be realized in the future. The company’s latest technology is now attracting a lot of attentions across the world.


Comments from Organizer

The founder of the company spent 4 years on analyzing how the signals from brain travel through nerves and reach muscles and clarified the system for the first time in the world. The spirit of grit is the key to realize something.