June 03, 2019

#1082. A double structured stainless mug highly praised by savvy coffee lover!

     The only mug that keeps the flavour and temperature of freshly brewed coffee for 5 hours.

“MMZ-A”, highly praised by coffee enthusiasts, is one and only mug that can keep the taste, flavour and temperature of coffee for about 5 hours. The secret of its excellency lies in the stainless-made double vacuum structure which has an outstanding heat-retention characteristic of keeping hot drinks warm for hours. “MMZ-A” has following advantages.
・Ultra lightweight and compact design called “Ultra Light Weight” is convenient for everyday use.
・ The inner surface of the bottle has a smooth and glossy process called “Super Clean PLUS”.
This process keeps cleanliness by making it difficult to attach not only dirt but also odor. In addition, a pleasant mouthfeel like a mug is one of the reasons for gaining popularity.