June 01, 2019

#1081. Top quality drive reviewer an ultimate image quality and long-lasting recording time!

     There is always a reason to be selected as a best product among others. “DRV-830” has an overwhelming quality of recording image and long life battery.

“DRV-830” is a high-end drive reviewer which is very popular among users. One major reason of its popularity is that it has high imaging quality and a long battery life of 53 straight hours recording. .It provides a wide viewing angle of 132-degree field of view. It can record vivid images even at night under the condition of great amount of contrasts. It has the functions of assisting safety driving and resuming recording when the system detects the impact on your car even if it is in the standby mode. The recording is image is vivid enough for you to confirm car registration plate, so that “DRV-830” can be your reliable partner in case of an accident.