March 05, 2019

#1079. The highest grade ball which supports a global table tennis boom!

     The maker which produces the balls of the highest quality which they are chosen as a table tennis athlete first rank, and is used by the world championship and the Olympics! Manufacturer of table tennis goods that produces top quality table tennis balls, manufactured with 10 times the accuracy of official ball standards!

This company is a manufacturer specializing in table tennis equipment founded in 1947. Especially the evaluation of the table tennis ball is high, and its high quality has been proved by having been chosen as the used ball many times in the world championship and the Olympics. This company has its own standards in the manufacture of table tennis balls and is seeking for its products 10 times as accurate as the official ball standards. For example, weighing less than 0.05 grams in weight is allowed. Also, they have established their own strict criteria for repulsion. This is one of the reasons why it was chosen as the world’s leading players and directed.