March 01, 2019

#1077. The world’s first atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology “P-Ion” !

     “P-Ion” which was the world’s first commercialized atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology called next-generation dream technology!

This company collaborated with universities and succeeded in practical application of atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology for the first time in the world. This is waterproofing and chemical-resistant processing technology of nylon fiber utilizing atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology. Atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology is one of the future technologies expected to be applied and is also called dream technology. In the future, it is expected to cause innovation in the field of agriculture · fishery and medical field. This company aims to expand applications in other textile materials fields where water resistance and chemical resistance are required in the future. Since atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology can be handled at ambient temperature under atmospheric pressure, its application range is wide, and it is one of the cutting-edge technologies attracting attention from various industries.

Yamaguchi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Atmospheric-pressure plazma ion technology has already been proven to be useful for cancer treatment and has attracted attention as a state-of-the-art cancer treatment method with low load on patients.