February 26, 2019

#1076. A global company for a building material that the world trusts will be a one stop!

     A company only in the world to perform until construction with building materials production and company’s building materials from the material development of building materials!

This company is a general building materials company founded in 1945. There is no other company that can do one-stop from material development to construction material manufacturing and engineering. For that reason, they have secured a high position not only in general housing but also in the construction field of public facilities and commercial facilities. For example, MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is one of building materials of this company has gained high reputation both in Japan and abroad. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is also manufactured in this factory in Malaysia and New Zealand. DAIKEN brand materials and building materials are highly evaluated as Japan quality in other Asian regions and North America. For material development, it also carries out a mission of effective use of limited wood resources and this company uses cut pieces of timber that have been abandoned as part of the material.