February 21, 2019

#1075. A package manufacturer that supports the biotechnology industry behind the scenes!

     A breakthrough “single-use bags” provided by the leading company of packaging materials manufacturer which promotes efficiency of a process of research and development, the production of Bio-pharmaceuticals drastically!

This company is a pioneer and a leading company of packaging materials manufacturers with a history of over 100 years. The product group is diverse and is offered in a wide range of fields such as medicines, daily necessities and foods. There will be no consumers who have never touched this company’s products. Recently, it attracts attention with the products of the bioscience department. This company’s first “single-use bags” is an epoch-making alternative to traditional metal and glass containers. It is used in each process of cultivation, purification and storage from adjustment of raw materials at the research, development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Since the process required for washing for preventing turbidity can be omitted, the efficiency can be greatly improved. Because it can respond to customization, it can be applied to other industries.