February 14, 2019

#1071. Growing with service to lend furniture on a flat rate basis!

     KAMARQ of the furniture attracted attention in “SOUND TABLE” which sounds out from the table, and new attention is furniture subscription-based “subsclife“!

“Subsclife” is furniture subscription-based service provided by furniture maker KAMARQ. Mr. Naoki Wada, the Founder General Producer of KAMARQ, invented it and got its attention for the first time in the world. Since it is monthly payment, the initial introduction cost is suppressed, and the usage period can be freely chosen. In addition, you can use the furniture you use continuously, exchange it with other furniture or you can purchase it if you like. The subscription-based service of this new furniture is rapidly increasing membership mainly for young people. Mr. Naoki Wada is a Japanese, but headquartered in Singapore and furniture manufacturing is done in a factory in Indonesia. This service is currently being offered only in Japan and the United States, but this company plans to expand the region and the country where the service is provided.