February 06, 2019

#1067. The best shotgun “CITORI” which supports US BROWNING company!

     In the US, Double Vertical Barrel Shotgun’s share is 40%, Olympic athletes choose shotgun “CITORI“!

“CITORI” is the Double Vertical Barrel Shotgun this company is offering to the US BROWNING in OEM. With its outstanding durability, accuracy and safety, which is said to be falling apart even if you shoot 100,000 shots, it boasts a share of 40% in the US at Double Vertical Barrel Shotgun. In addition, the artistic nature of the sculpture machined into Shotgun has been highly appreciated, and it is also loved by competitors in the world who participate in the Olympics and the World Cup. This company utilizes the high technology cultivated in hunting gun manufacturing, and also manufactures machine tools for the automobile industry and steering wheel for luxury cars.