February 05, 2019

#1066. “TAMIYA HEAD OFFICE” crowded with visitors who participate in Mini 4WD races from abroad!

      With Mini 4WD archive exhibition room and official shop, the popular “TAMIYA HEAD OFFICE” which Mini 4WD races is regularly held!

Mini 4WD which this company released in 1982 caused a big boom. Now, after the second boom in the 1990s, it has raised the third long-run boom. Although the previous two boom was a big hit mainly for children, the characteristic of the third boom this time is that the grown-up adult who experienced the previous two booms also is involved. Adult users not only purchase their own nostalgia cars, get absorbed in the race, but also enjoy with their children, and a wide range of people support this boom. Also, it is a big feature that overseas fans are also increasing, and a lot of fans are crazy about visiting overseas from Mini 4 WD races regularly held at “TAMIYA HEAD OFFICE”.