February 03, 2019

#1064. Digitalization the superhuman skills of skilled craftsmen with AI!

     Innovative factory preservation technology that exerts the same effect as hiring craftworkers with craftsmanship.

This company has innovative technology in factory conservation field. It is a technology that allows anyone to do business using the IoT services and AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis, which was traditionally left to a craftworker with skilled skill. For example, instead of the probe traditionally used by experienced workers to know the abnormality of a machine, smartphones listen to sounds and diagnose with a proprietary application, for example. This company raises the slogan of “Factory First” and utilizes AI, contributing to improvement of productivity and quality at the factory.

Skydisc, Inc.
Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

There are many skilled craftworkers involved in manufacturing in Japan, but now they are entering a period of retirement with an aging population. This company is committed to analyzing the skills of their craftsmen and leaving them to AI. In this process, a variety of outstanding technologies are produced.