January 28, 2019

#1061. The company which has an original technique keeping out others in processing technique of rubber and the resin!

     The global company which has many only one techniques in a field of high polymer material processing such as rubber and the resin!

This company has a history in 100 years, is a leading company in the field of processing polymer materials such as rubber and resin. It is a parts manufacturer such as precision parts for hard disk and copying machine and the parts for paper manufacturing, spinning and construction related equipment, so it is not familiar to the general public. This company has a lot of only one technology that can only be made by this company, and it supplies products to manufacturers in various fields all over the world. The company produces thousands of products. What is enhancing this company’s evaluation is not only the high quality of the product, but also the speed of delivery. At the fastest, it is possible to deliver it in 3 days including prototype making.


Comments from Organizer

Industry has high evaluation of this company in the field of polymer material processing such as rubber and resin, as it is said that "There is a gap that can not be filled with YAMAUCHI in this world".