January 25, 2019

#1060. The smart watch “Veldt” of the Great Leap that played United States advancement!

     Successfully sticking to an analog clock, a smart watch “VELDT” equipped with a real dial and needle!

“VELDT” is a smart watch, but unlike other smart watches, it is the most characteristic that it has the same real dial and needle as an ordinary analog watch. Although it looks like a “watch” itself, it has one basic function as a smart watch that notifies incoming e-mails, incoming calls, SNS etc. on smartphone. In addition, a sensor embedded in the watch measures the activity of the body and has a function of healthcare to transfer to the smartphone application. However, like other smart watches, you can not read the contents of e-mails or respond to SNS and those functions are leaved to smartphones. However, users of smartphones have narrowed down this function and are steadily progressing. In May 2018, they established a a wholly-owned US subsidiary to fulfill its overseas expansion.