January 23, 2019

#1059. The world ‘s first “SmartMat” which automatically orders according to inventory management!

     Just put the product it on, smart mat “SmartMat” is ordering automatic by judging the weight of inventory items!

“SmartMat” is an automatic ordering system for the world’s first products to automatically order by determining the weight of stock items by simply placing the product on the mat. Weight can be measured in units of 10 grams. It is also possible to connect multiple mats and some factories are using it for material management of about 2 tons in total. In addition to automatic replenishment of chemicals and expendables at medical institutions, it is already being used in applications such as notifying the timing of collection by installing it in a garbage can. It is expected that it will be introduced in a wide range of fields including offices, restaurants, factories, warehouses and retail stores in the future.