January 15, 2019

#1055. “Tech Park” with “Play with technology” is popular among children at the after-school!

     Great fun with offering children “fun to touch with technology”, a new form of after-school “Tech Park“!

“Tech Park” is a new type of after-school that has never existed anywhere. It is not just a child computer classroom. Here is a programming classroom that engineers who are active at the forefront provide robots for children, technology art, workshops that you can learn while playing. “Tech Park” is also characterized by lack of a fixed curriculum. Here is not a child’s aim to learn technology, but a place for children to use technology to make something themselves and to do what they want to express. Children use technology instead of glue or scissors. Many children get absorbed in this.

Groovenauts, Inc.
Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The founder of "Tech Park" himself was originally a system engineer. As he was raising himself, he did not have an after school where he could enjoy the useful skills for his children in the future, so he made it himself.