January 12, 2019

#1053. “Goldwin”, a sports apparel maker dealing with the world’s most prestigious brand!

      “Goldwin Technical Center“, the outstanding development base of a 62-year-old sports apparel leading maker!

“Goldwin” is a sports apparel manufacturer that develops numerous world-famous brands such as Ellesse, Speedo, THE NORTH FACE and Helly Hansen. “Goldwin Technical Center” was newly established in 2003 for further growth. It has the latest facilities such as artificial weather room and motion capture here. They measure the movement and physiology of the human body under various circumstances and make use of that value in product design that put emphasis on practical functions. Recently, there is a brand called “MXP” born by applying advanced sports wear technology and deodorizing technology. It is a deodorant technology material that combines deodorant function of sweat odor and function such as sportswear’s mobility and sweat-absorbing quick-drying and deodorizing just by wearing.