January 09, 2019

#1050. The high-spec artificial turf that has met the requirements from FIFA!

     High spec artificial turf, “Dream TURF PT-Rspro Ⅱ“, has a feature of temperature suppression from direct sunshine.

“Dream TURF PT-Rspro Ⅱ” is the finest artificial turf which satisfies the FIFA’s requirements by making full use of the latest technology. It has following excellent features.

・It has outstanding characteristic of preserving its shape and raising of turf compared to conventional yarns.
・Entanglement Technology, a technology to weave molecular elements, has enabled newly developed yarns to have enhanced durability.
・Synergy effect of smooth cross sectional shape and raised yarn completed after long-term R&D has realized perfect turf that can satisfy the professionals.
・It has much more advanced performance than normal artificial turf to avoid rise in temperature from direct sunshine.