December 21, 2018

#1043. “Ultimate enamel product” produced by skilled engineers, adopted for a luxury watch!

     As the “enameled dial” that will not fade even after 100 years, “the ultimate enamel product” where the skill of the artist adorning the high-end watch lives along!

This company is a company specialized in enameled with more than 70 years history. It is said to have the highest technology in Japan, it is about to be adopted as the high-class watch “Dial” of the global watch manufacturer SEIKO.    <>
The enameled Dial which keeps fresh glossiness keeps the skill and experience of the master of craftsman and it is a material of commitment that is rarely used in the world because it takes time, labor and the high manufacturing difficulty. Although enameled Dials that require high technology are manufactured at Tsukuba Factory, technicians with high skill are gathered at this factory and are challenging to create new “ultimate enameled products”.

Fuji Porcelain Enamel Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

This company's tableware has been loved by many customers overseas. The feature of this company is that it is not puffed up in a long history and continues to challenge more sophisticated technology.