December 20, 2018

#1042. Scissors used by professionals in the barber and beauty of the world!

     Professional scissors combining outstanding sharpness and toughness, even if you do not put force on your fingers, you can cut your hair with the weight of the scissors!

This company’s scissors are loved by professionals in hair salons all over the world. Because of the scissors the professional uses, it combines durability as well as sharpness. In addition, it has a form that does not feel tired even if we use it for a long time and an easy-to-use form. It felt like a feeling like extension of the hands and fingers of the person using it. This company’s scissor craftsman learns to improve technology everyday and can respond to custom made requests as well. The scissors that are handmade by each one are surprisingly sharp edged like the Japanese sword. The scissor angle and polishing method that this company has cultivated through years of research and experience is the only one that gained the patent for the first time in Japan.