December 17, 2018

#1040. A revolutionary device “Freshtron” that extends the freshness maintenance period of refrigerated items!

     “Freshtron“, freshness maintaining device of innovative technology overturning the concept of conventional refrigerating equipment!

“Freshtron” is a revolutionary freshness maintenance device developed with completely new technology. With this new device, it will be possible to extend the freshness maintenance period of refrigerated items from several times to several tens of times. In addition to the freshness of foods, it prevents evaporation of moisture in foods and cut flowers and prevents drying, so it is attracting hot attention from the flower industry as well. If you use “Freshtron”, you can reduce the regional and seasonal disparities, and you can adjust shipping and ensure stable supply. By purchasing goods at a cheap time it is possible to lower the purchase cost and sell it at the time when the value goes up. It also has the advantage of being able to reduce food waste disposal rate. Although it varies depending on the type and its preservation condition, the freshness maintenance period of fruits, meat, fish, vegetables, cut flowers and the like can be drastically lengthened, and high interest is received from various industries.