December 13, 2018

#1038. A magical water absorption towel “Air Kaol” popular among women!

     Boasting a total sales of more than 6 million copies, excellent in volume sense, a magical towel with overwhelming water absorbency “Air Kaol“!

“Air Kaol” is a magical towel outstanding water absorption that is overwhelmingly supported by women. The secret is in the twisted yarn called Super ZERO which was developed over 5 years, and the gap between the air of each fiber is large, and the weight becomes half of the towel of the same volume. “Air Kaol” is excellent in volume sense, water absorption and quick drying is 1.5 times that of common towels. In addition, it does not lose its sense of volume even when washing it, it is also characterized by a quick breathability as it dries quickly. Using organic cotton as a material, the point that is gentle to your skin is also a popular reason for women.