December 11, 2018

#1036. Portable purification system “WOTA MOBILE” to recycle used water!

     Simple and portable water purification system “WOTA MOBILE” in which shower is brought 50 times with 100 liters of water!

“WOTA MOBILE” is not a large-scale system and it is an innovative water purification system that can be used, if there is only a power supply even in areas where there is no household or water supply and sewer systems. “WOTA MOBILE” has attracted great interest from the United States, the Middle East and the country wide which has precious water. Complex construction is unnecessary and combined with photovoltaic power generation and electricity storage system etc. can be used even in places where there is no water supply and sewer such as solitary island, so there is a possibility to expand human living area. Easy to carry and operate, you can use clean water, it will be useful in case of a disaster.