December 10, 2018

#1035. Revolution in washing is occurring “LAUNDRY MAGCHAN”!

     Amazing! Neither detergent nor softener is needed, “LAUNDRY MAGCHAN” in which it is bringing about a revolution in washing.

“LAUNDRY MAGCHAN” is made of high purity magnesium grains of 99.95%. Because it can be washed without detergent or softening agent, it is environmentally friendly and has become a big topic. The person who actually used it raises the following advantages.

· Since detergent and softener are not put in the washing machine, the procedure is simple and speedy
· Washed to a washing tub of a washing machine and it becomes beautiful
· Costs are less than 1/3 less than using detergents and softening agents, making them economical
– Magnesium has the cleaning effect and sterilization effect by the force, there is no smell peculiar to the laundry
· Since detergent, softening agent and bleaching agent are unnecessary, space saving is achieved and shopping labor is also less
· No need for labor for purchasing detergent, softener and bleach
This company has already sold more than 1 million items