December 06, 2018

#1034. The world’s smallest wet fog “Semi-Dry Fog” active in the life place!

      The world’s smallest wet fog of less than 0.01 mm makes a big success in various fields, and “Semi-Dry Fog” created from proprietary technology!

“Semi-Dry Fog” is the world’s smallest wet fog less than 0.01 mm, produced by original technology. It is used to lower the temperature as a measure against heat stroke in the summer, and it is used as a humidifier in the winter as infection prevention such as influenza. Since “Semi-Dry Fog” is an extremely small water droplet, it will evaporate immediately in the air even if it is sprayed, so it will neither wet clothes nor drop a woman’s make-up. The secret that creates the world’s smallest non wetting fog of 0.01 mm or less is in a special nozzle developed by original technology.