December 05, 2018

#1033. A strange fountain “WATER PERL” where the polka dots stop in the air!

     Innovative water-based fountain “WATER PERL” calling a topic of giving peace of mind to the viewer!

“WATER PERL” is a staging of water with a mysterious sight using the illusion of the eyes. Water drops that should fall from above the fountain appear to stop or rise. The secret is the afterimage effect of the human eye using strobe light. By changing the blinking speed of the strobe light, how the polka dot appears changes. It is designed to make the polka dots stand still with 50 blinks per second. As the number of times increases, the polka dots appear to rise, and as the number decreases, it appears to go down. It is adopted for the reason that it gives peace of mind to the viewer, in a space where people gather, such as the hotel lobby creating a luxurious atmosphere.