December 04, 2018

#1032. Epoch-making lifeboat made by urethane which does not sink!

     The Lifeboat “Hamaure BOAT” made by urethane which does not sink even with a hole and has a high ability to protect life dramatically!

“HAMAURE BOAT” is a urethane made lifeboat developed for the first time in the world, its high safety and high lifesaving ability are drawing attention. If 1 ton of water enters the boat, it has stable buoyancy which will not sink. Also, like conventional rubber boats, there is no air leakage or puncture. Even if a hole is drilled in the hull, it does not sink and it is made of urethane resistant to shocks, so air will not escape even if it collides with a drifting object. It is expected to be useful in rescue scenes such as flood damage.