November 29, 2018

#1029. A leading shop with a specialty in the attracting ukiyoe lovers around the world!

     If it is related to Ukiyo-e, this world-famous shop specializing in ukiyo-e which does not tolerate others.

This company is the specialty store where there is not the person not to know in ukiyoe print lovers. Ukiyo-e has been known for influencing Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet in the past, but also in modern times, there are hobbyists all over the world stuck with the charm of ukiyo-e. It is this Ukiyo – e print shop that puts the trust from such enthusiasts and world museums. They are receiving high praise by offering good quality ukiyoe prints with professional advice and services at reasonable prices. Also, it is said that the product lineup of reference documents on Ukiyo-e is the world’s best and also in this respect an expert is at a glance.