November 28, 2018

#1028. A top manufacturer of a high-speed camera with the world’s best technology!

     In order to maintain the world’s most advanced technology, the world’s fastest high-speed camera “FASTCAM“!

This company has the world’s highest technology in the field of high speed camera. Since developing the “FASTCAM” series in 1989, they have evolved that technology to deal with every image measurement. The fastest shooting in the world with a maximum of 21000 frames per second is possible. By making the phenomenon of a moment that can not be caught by a human eye or a normal video camera look slow, it is effective in understanding what is going on in the moment. “FASTCAM” is active in various research institutes and various industries.


Comments from Organizer

"FASTCAM" is collectively produced at its own factory in Japan in order to maintain quality at the highest peak. In addition, they are highly evaluated in rigorous inspections before shipment and repair support after introduction.