November 26, 2018

#1026. Airborne bonsai filled with orders from overseas!

     “Air Bonsai” that a mysterious microcosm from Japan and mysterious distance attracts the world! Each floating small bonsai style garden made with different facial expressions, “Air Bonsai” you grow only one in the world!

“Air Bonsai” is traditional Japanese bonsai, but it is strangely floating. This strange feeling attracts a lot of overseas people and is now being exported to 15 countries. It is easy to play, and it is a secret that the magnet is put in the pedestal, “moitama” and “pumice”, and it floats in the air with the power to repel each other. Most importantly, the point that attracts the people of the world is that you can easily plant seasonal plants with images that make flowers in flower vases, without special knowledge, and you can mystify your own only one bonsai It is fun to enjoy with the sense of space.