November 24, 2018

#1025. A group of researchers group, “Leave a Nest”, which connects overseas venture and Japanese manufacturing technology!

     A group of researchers “Leave a Nest” that contributes to the project that connects ventures in Southeast Asia and excellent manufacturing technology in Japan.

“Leave a Nest” is a group of researchers launched by 15 students in 2001. However, it is not just a group of researchers, it is also a gathering of performers who act with the philosophy of “bridging science to society”. In one example, since 2016 they have invited overseas technology ventures to Japan, and they are doing manufacturing support by Japanese local factories. In addition, they are engaged in activities to market the world through management and commercialization support. In fact, in August 2018 they began activities to attract seven team ventures from six countries in Southeast Asia to Tokyo. The strength of “Leave a Nest” is that it has a wide network of engineers who are active not only in researchers but also in front lines.