November 20, 2018

#1021. A safe scissors that can be used even by infants who use scissors for the first time in the world!

     Long selling scissors “Casta” for small children in the world, also loved by the elderly with weak grip strength.

“Casta” is the only scissors in the world covered with scissors blades developed for infants and young children. Even when an infant uses scissors for the first time, parents can watch with confidence. Also, “Casta” sounds like castanets every time you cut it, so your child can use scissors fun. It is “Casta” developed for infants, but It’s used by the senior citizens to whom the grip fell habitually in recent years, too. “Casta” has been a favorite all over the world since its release and continues long seller. This manufacturer is located in the city famous for knife making in Japan and making scissors with traditional craftsmanship.