November 19, 2018

#1020. Japan’s leading small-sized hydraulic power generation maker!

     The company’s original water mill opens a new path of natural energy and its small sized hydraulic power plant can be operated with tap water and industrial water.

The company has 80 years of business history in the production of water power generation and leading the industry of the small-sized hydraulic power generation. It is proud of domestic top share of less than 5000 kw sized hydro power and also has sales performance in Philippine, Vanuatsu, Cambodia and Malaysia. For example, the world heritage site, Rice Terraces of the Philippines Cordilleras has been desolated before the installation of the company’s hydro power, but the deserted paddy fields turned green by gaining the profit of selling generated electricity. The small-sized hydraulic power generation which the company has developed does not need public works and it keeps widening its appeal.

Kanagawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The hydraulic power generation by water mill is the already established technology, but the company has developed its novel water mill which is going to be useful to solve the environmental and energy issues across the world.