November 15, 2018

#1018. The world’s thinnest handmade washi paper is essential for the repairment of natural assets!

     “Tengu“, a handmade washi paper has only thickness of a mere .02 millimeters and it weighs 1.6 grams per square meter!

“TENGU” is the world’s thinnest and durable Japanese traditional handmade paper made of natural materials. Its thickness is only .02 millimeters and it weighs 1.6 grams per square meter, so that it is proper for repairing ancient papers, Budda statue or paintings. Since it is made with non-chlorine method, it does not become worse for long unlike other industrialized paper. “Tengu” has been employed in more than 30 countries in the world as material to repair cultural assets like books and paintings because its characteristics are highly appreciated by many people. It has unique warmth woven by natural fibers and it is often adopted as parts of lighting fixtures or interiors.