November 04, 2018

#1009. The world’s first energy-saving technology to change to Cu from Ag!

     Practical world’s first material “copper paste” which largely lowers the production cost of the solar battery in the photovoltaic power generation! Succeeded in practical use for the first time in the world, solar cell manufacturing “copper paste” without using expensive silver paste!

“Copper paste” is the world’s first practical technology to make wires and electrodes without using silver paste in solar cell production in solar power generation. It has been known for a long time that cost reduction of solar cell manufacturing can be attained by using inexpensive Cu as raw material instead of Ag at a cost of 1/100. However, there were high technical hurdles, there were no companies or laboratories that could be put to practical use. This company is a venture company born from a university that overcame this hurdle. Many companies are already interested in “copper paste” which was first commercialized in this world. Of course, “copper paste” is a revolutionary practical application technology that can switch not only solar cells but also wiring materials used for various electronic devices from silver to copper.