November 03, 2018

#1008. Household lock sewing machine developed for the first time in the world!

     High function and high quality that give joy and excitement to people using it, the world’s first lock sewing machine “Baby Lock” developed in Japan!

“overlocker” is a sewing machine that is good at sewing stitches of stretchy knitwear and “looping stitch” that will not fray the edges of the cloth. “Baby Lock” is the world’s first overlock sewing machine developed as a household lock sewing machine. It is the highest quality overlocker that anyone who knows overlocker which has not only various high functions required by Japanese users but also attentive attention and excellent design for those who use it. “Baby Lock” has a convenient, automatic threading function using air called “Jet Air Threading system”. Also in design, they have won the highest industrial design award in Japan.