November 01, 2018

#1006. A surprising tile that stores light permanently “Luna Ware”!

     Tile “Luna Ware” which is completely different from fluorescent paint and stores light and strongly for a long time is also a part in life saving in Thailand!

“Luna Ware” is a tile that stores high-performance light that keeps bright brightness for a long time. This company succeeded in thickly burning phosphorescent pigment developed by original technology to porcelain tile with unprecedented technology. Because it is strong in water and can be used outdoors, it is now adopted as a safe eco-friendly technology without using electricity in many public facilities. Beyond the practical signboard framework, it has been produced as an object added an extra design, and it has become popular. “Luna Ware” that shines even when wet with water was used as a signpost to save the boys trapped in the cave that occurred in Thailand.

Codomo Energy Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

This company is building a new factory in Fukushima Prefecture along with the sales improvement of "Luna Ware". Fukushima Prefecture is the place that suffered damage in Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011. As a reconstruction assistance to Fukushima Prefecture, this company set up a new factory in this area.