October 30, 2018

#1004. The world’s first home-washable silk boxer ”THE TOOT”!

     ”THE TOOT”, an ultimate silk underwear has ability to endure domestic washing machine and effective moisture wicking and hygroscopy properties.

This company is men’s luxury underwear brand from Japan. This company is “THE TOOT” boxer made by adopting the silk material “SHIDORI” washable in the washing machine. They adopted a silk material “SHIDORI” with high durability, and it was manufactured as the ultimate underwear that can be used for daily use. “THE TOOT” is not hand wash conditions, it is subject to washing conditions using a washing machine and has the following characteristics.
· Water-absorbing property of about 1.3 times of cotton, 1.5 times moisture releasing, and comfortable feeling is sustained even when wearing for a long time
· Deodorizing · Deodorizing effect
· Hard to discolor
· No water repellent coating
· Texture and contraction ratio do not change
While “THE TOOT” is expensive, it is sold out as soon as it starts its first release.