October 29, 2018

#1003. The leading dental X-ray equipment maker which has developed the latest diagnostic system for orthodontists!

     “SOLIO XZ MAXIM” provides us with the most reliable Cephalometric grams, head X-ray standard photo.

“SOLIO XZ MAXIM” is the cutting-edge X-ray CT diagonasis equipment for orthodontics. In the orthodontic field, X-ray image called Cephalometric grams is indispensable. It is said that the accuracy of cephalometric grams affects dental treatment itself. High-precision CT images by cephalometric grams tell us the size and shape of upper and lower jaws and its slippage, an angle of inclination of teeth and shape of mouth, which provides dentists with powerful diagnostic capabilities. Compared to the conventional machines, “SOLIO XZ MAXIM” has much more advanced functions and gives us clearer high-precision images.