October 24, 2018

#999. Amazing world share 95%, the ultimate food packaging machine “MAGICHAND”!

     The highest-peak food packaging machine “Magichand” produced by the technology accumulation and product development power of 124 years of foundation!

“MAGICHAND” is a machine that automatically carries out the task of wrapping ingredients into bread, cake, Chinese manju, donut, etc, in the dough instead of human beings. It faithfully reproduces the motion that a man wraps by hand, and it performs it fast and fast. When manufacturing with “MAGICHAND”, that the finish is beautiful and the productivity dramatically improves is called reputation and it is used in the food industry all over the world. Moreover, they will not tolerate other company’s followers, boast a marvelous world share of 95%. As in the food industry as well as other industries, it is difficult to secure excellent craftsmen, so “MAGICHAND” is also called “workers of salvation” in the food industry.