October 22, 2018

#997. A Japanese specialist company of earthquake-proof construction / dumping construction!

     Earthquake-resistant construction and dumping construction technology cultivated in the earthquake country, leading company in Japan.

This company was founded in 1818 and is a specialist company in Japan in seismic construction and dumping construction that has inherited the spirit of innovation for more than 200 years. Those high technologies cultivated in the earthquake country Japan are attracting attention overseas as well. This company will continue to play an increasingly active role in the earthquake countermeasure construction required worldwide. In addition, this company has its own “Waterless Cutting and Drilling System”. This is a construction method that does not generate muddy water, can cut concrete and drill with no dust and low noise. It is possible to reduce both labor and cost because it does not use water at all with its own cooling wind system construction method. Of course, the construction speed can be increased and the construction period can be shortened.