September 28, 2018

#982. Japan’s high quality buggy acknowledged by the world with a baby first principle!

     “AIRBUGGY“, buggy pursuing ride, ease of driving, safety, most comfortable and safe for babies!

“AIRBUGGY” is the most comfortable and safe buggy for babies, pursuing ride comfort, ease of driving and safety. The biggest reason why “AIRBUGGY” is recognized in the world is that it uses air tube tires for three wheels, so it is superior in impact absorption by cushioning effect by pneumatic pressure. A baby on “AIRBUGGY” gets a reputation all over the world when sleeping quickly. Although the weight of the body of “AIRBUGGY” is not light weight, it has light driving performance and operation performance enough to move with one finger. Also, “AIRBUGGY” is equipped with a hand brake, you can run while controlling the speed at hand. So far, there is no other buggy pursuing the safety of the baby.