September 27, 2018

#981. A high-performance 3D printer maker to make precise models from powder!

     It produces three-dimensional molding in Powder Bed Fusion Platforms device. The first runner of 3D Printer high-performance at precision and a price!

This company is the world top runner of 3D Printer which processes powder by Powder Bed Fusion Platforms equipment and creates 3D modeling. The reason why this company is called the world’s best is that the safety and operability of the equipment is excellent, and it is possible to manufacture prototypes with extremely high accuracy. There are also about half the competitiveness of rival companies in terms of price. This company is developing a three-dimensional modeling device with micro precision of 0.2 to 0.3 mm.


Comments from Organizer

There are all sorts of it even if we say 3D Printer maker, but this company is perfect and is the highest peak. If you are looking for ultra precision and top quality 3D Printer, this is absolutely this company.