September 25, 2018

#979. The world’s first technology to manufacture a new pet bottle with used PET bottles!

     The world attention to the savior of microplastic contamination problems, the world’s first technology to recycle 100% of used pet bottles!

This company has developed the so-called “horizontal recycling” technology that manufactures a new PET bottle by 100% recycling of used PET bottles for the first time in the world. They have succeeded in spreading the use of recycled plastics not only by recycling used PET bottles but also by raising the quality of recycled raw materials. Marine pollution caused by microplastic has become a worldwide problem Today, the world is paying attention to the recycling technology of this company. The innovative technology of this company is to recycle PET bottles in the city as resources and effective utilization, and also reduce CO2 emissions and help improve environmental problems.