September 24, 2018

#977. The first business system in the world “ecbo cloak” that ordinary stores become your cloak!

      If you come to Japan and have trouble keeping luggage, first of all, it is correct to access this “ecbo cloak“.

“ECBO Cloak “is the world’s first breakthrough system that ordinary stores, developed by ECBO Inc., will be able to carry personal baggage. We are steadily increasing the number of users for convenience and certainty that can be reserved online in advance. 70% of the visitors are from overseas. For the stores that provide space, there is also the benefit of increasing the visibility of the stores as well as the income sources of non-core businesses, and the number of franchise stores is increasing. In addition, there is convenience that users can secure secured cloak closest to themselves from users, and the ease of charge is also one factor that is increasing the number of users.