September 21, 2018

#975. LED lighting “TOKISTAR” adopted also on the big stage of the Las Vegas casino!

     LED light technology “TOKISTAR” having high artistry adopted from a casino of Las Vegas to the event meeting places such as the Olympics!

“TOKISTAR” is not mere lighting, it is an artistic lighting technology that brings out the value of space to the maximum. It is a lighting technology that can not be imitated by others, born of a blend of an excellent LED lighting device as hard and outstanding lighting expression making full use of it. A lot of inquiries have been received with technologies backed up by the achievements adopted in numerous events and brand shops, etc., have gained high acclaim not only in Japan but also overseas. Also, what “TOKISTAR” is environmentally friendly LED lighting technology is one reason that attracts attention from the viewpoint of energy saving. This company has also succeeded in reproducing the “warm light” of incandescent lamps with LED products.