June 29, 2018

#909. A pioneer in the industry specialized only for wireless power supply and also a leading company “B & PLUS”!

     “B & PLUS” which is compatible with electric power in a wide range from 1 W to 1 KW, challenging wireless power supply of every product!

This company is a pioneer in the wireless power supply industry and a leading company. They are dedicated to wireless power supply, they are working on research and development as one line, and their commitment to responding to all needs is highly appreciated. In addition, they are grasping the customer’s mind that they have constructed a system that can present prototypes quickly and at low cost with the minimum required functions. By using wireless power supply, all industries are interested because non-contact type products can be developed.

Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Wireless power feed removes limitations on functions and designs in product development and has unlimited possibilities. At the same time, the future of this company also has unlimited possibilities.