June 22, 2018

#906. A very popular company that provides astounding dinosaur experiences!

     A dinosaur live show in which the extinct dinosaurs revive today and the exciting real dinosaur experience “DINO – A – LIVE“!

This company provides the world ‘s first dinosaur live show “DINO – A – LIVE”, and it is drawing attention not only from Japan but also from overseas. The characteristic of this show is not only faithfully reproducing the form of the dinosaur but also faithfully reproducing the actual movement of the dinosaur. This realistically reproduced dinosaur live show brings participants to astonishment and excitement crucible and makes you crazy. It is a completely new dinosaur show with a scientific backing, spectator participation type that is not found anywhere in the world.

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Comments from Organizer

The feature of this dinosaur live show is that it revived the dinosaur, which is said to have been extinct from the earth about 65 million years ago, to the present age under the scientific backing. You can enjoy the world's first real dinosaur experience.