June 21, 2018

#905. A world number one share company for high pressure hydraulic pumps!

     Developed extremely efficient Micro Pump, leading company with an overwhelming share in the field of compact hydraulic pumps!

High pressure hydraulic pumps called axial piston pumps are mounted on many construction machines such as excavator cars, automobiles, forklifts, and vehicles. This company is the world market share top hydraulic pistons manufacturer that manufactures more than 20 million per year for the pump. It boasts unrivaled high technology and share in the world’s smallest class small pump and efficient micro pumps.

Takako Industries, INC.

Comments from Organizer

Although this company's micro pump is the world's smallest class, it has high performance and it can be installed even in a small space. The micro pump of this company contributes to space saving of various products.